About Us Edinburgh

Scottish denture clinic provides dentures, partial dentures, implants and emergency denture repairs in Edinburgh. Our goal is to offer all our patients informed choice and involve them in the process of making their new teeth.

State of the art

Our denture clinics are state of the art practices conveniently situated in Edinburgh city centre. Our aim is to provide an environment where patients can relax and express their views, expectations and wishes.

At the heart of everything we do is patient care, comfort and the quality of the dentures we produce.

What makes us different?

What makes us different is that we make your dentures on site allowing us to reduce production time while ensuring quality, whilst using the best materials and techniques.. We have a dental laboratory on site which means for emergencies or patients who are travelling distances we can construct your dentures in 24hrs.

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What is a Clinical Dental Technician?

Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) are members of a group of dental care professionals (DCPs) who work as part of the dental team. The main type of work they undertake is in the provision of dentures.

A CDT may set up an independent practice but must have the correct protocols in place to enable referral to an appropriately qualified and registered dental professional, should they be faced with a patient whose needs are out with their scope of practice.

They specialise in the manufacture and fitting of removable dental appliances directly to patients. Working independently they can provide patients who have no natural teeth with full dentures. They can also provide removable dental appliances in the form of partial dentures, mouth guards and antisnoring devices under the prescription of a dentist.