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Scottish Denture Clinic offers every patient options to ensure that you get the dentures which are best suited to you and your expectations. Quality Care and Comfort is at the heart of everything we do and regardless of which option you choose your dentures will have the best fit and function possible. The options allow more choice of materials and a higher level of naturalness. At Scottish Denture Clinic we make the dentures in our lab on site, which allows us to reduce production time while ensuring quality, using the best materials and techniques.

Custom Dentures

Our Custom Denture is our most natural looking denture utilising the best teeth on the market and high impact acrylic. Custom dentures allow us to use a wide range of natural looking, gender specific tooth shapes and colours. This helps create the smile you have always wanted or in some cases once had. The custom denture utilises the best teeth with advanced quality material. These teeth will not wear at the same rate as other denture teeth ensuring your smile and bite is maintained as long as possible.

For Custom dentures we invite patients to bring in photos, if they are able, of their natural teeth. Where possible we will match moulds and colours to recreate the natural smile.

The Custom denture is often available in the same week.

Price £1500 (based on top and bottom set)

Partial dentures available from £650

Premier Dentures

Our Premier Denture is made using a high quality private tooth. A premier denture allows us to put a high level of customisation into the dentures allowing for a natural look. The denture teeth are set into a wax base so you may try them in to see how the denture will suit you, with any changes made before finishing them in a permanent acrylic.

Premier dentures are usually completed within 4-5 appointments.

Price £1000 (based on top and bottom set)

Partial dentures available from £500


The Economy denture is the most affordable denture available, using private quality teeth to allow for a natural look. The Economy Denture comes in a selection of shades and moulds for the patient to select the most suitable.

Economy dentures are made within 5 weeks

Price £800 (based on top and bottom)

Partials from £200

Dental Implants

Denture wearers, new and experienced, know that the lower denture presents the most difficulty when adjusting to dentures. It can be frustrating eating certain foods or speaking with confidence if your lower denture begins to float in your mouth. The solution is to have dental implants placed. The implants act as an anchor to keep the lower denture in place ensuring it doesn’t move up or from side to side giving you the confidence to eat whatever you like whenever you like.